Biology lab is often seen by the student as a separate course, rather than an integral part of Biology.  The Biology Lab Primer makes learning an active process reiterating core concepts from lecture in a hands-on system within the biology lab. Students are guided through the exercises reinforcing lecture concepts by incorporating interactive questions, diagrams, and charts. Exercises work well especially well for flipping the classroom or as in class assignments depending on the instructor's pedagogical approach. Each chapter also are supplemented with experiments and labs that reinforce lecture material in an applied approach within the biology laboratory. 

The Biology Lab Primer is designed to make grading easier and less time consuming for the instructor.  This is accomplished by pointed, directed and incremental checks within the pre-lab and lab exercises. Immediate reinforcement and self corrected dialog within the text and diagrams make the learning and the grading simplified. Collectively, The Biology Lab Primer approach is a class-proven method that generates enhanced understanding by biology concepts. Instructors: You can access a free sample of the The Biology Lab Primer for free. Simply email Include your name, your school and your school email address.